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Cape Town Joburg


We are very much still open for your business and pleasure in Cape Town and the wider Western Cape province. Read for more information on how to be a water savvy local when visiting.



Hello to all the adventurous travellers in Cape Town. Lately dancing for rain has been quite a difficult workout. Our beloved Western Cape region has been experiencing the worst drought in its history and because of this, a series of intense water restrictions have been put in place to avoid “Day Zero”.

For those of you who don’t know, “Day Zero” is the day when all water will formally be cut off by the City. The current date is set for the 11th of May 2018, but this could change depending on water consumption and the rainfall.

But don’t you worry your little noggins, Cape Town is still ready to rumble. Water will be available for tourists, in short supply, but enough for you to drink and to keep you squeaky clean.

Business won’t fall either, most of the hospitality industry have implemented water saving solutions to ensure ongoing water supply, while some have even completely moved away from the municipal water supply. What you might also be wondering about is emergency services, all critical emergency service will continue to be fully functionally.

What about the big events you were so excited to attend?  No need to worry, Events won’t be cancelled due to the water restrictions. The Western Cape can still entertain you with beautiful scenery and activities in the Cape Winelands, Whale Route, Garden Route etc.

The Western Cape thrives on tourism, so everyone is putting their best foot forward to ensure you can still enjoy the local life, scenery and the business it has to offer. All we ask of you is to save like a local, here are some tips to avoid going over your 50 litre limit.  

1: Shower like the water is cold, the quicker you scrub the quicker you can get out. Please don’t shower for more than 2 minutes. Try a desert shower

2: Forget taps, sanitisers are in! Find your signature scent, they don’t all smell like hospitals. (20-30 per minute once the tap is open)

3: Jack and Jill went up the hill… with a bucket. Grab a bucket and put it in your shower. Use the water to flush your toilet.

4: Dry Shampoo is sexy, don’t be afraid to grab a bottle/can.

5: Wax on, wax off. Wipes are not just for babies, so grab some and keep them with you for your hands, body and face.

6: Stock up, honey. Get yourself some large/5l water bottles to drink and cook with so that you don’t need to open more taps.

7: No one likes doing dishes, go for the paper plates and leave the porcelain on the shelf.

8: If it’s yellow let it mellow, if its brown, flush it down. What this means is, we have "permission toilets," and we give ourselves permission to not flush after a wee. Yes: you might see some yellow in the toilet. Poo will always be flushed. (12-15 litres per flush)

9. Many swimming pools in the city are being filled with salt water in the ocean. 

As tourism is the largest industry in South Africa, many peoples livlihoods depend on visitors. So, we hope this secures a stamp on your passport and we get to host you in this beautiful part of Africa.