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Festivals in Cape Town

Have you heard of We Love Summer, Future Frequency, Kinky Summer and Feastival? These are some of the festivals we love and lucky for us we got a chance to sit down with the directors of these rad parties and find out why they've graced us with legendary parties.

Festivals in Cape Town


Festivals, festivals, festivals … South Africa has a celebration for every event, music, art form, food, drink and agricultural commodity. Some of our favourites that we get the pleasure to move our feet to are We Love Summer, Future Frequency, Kinky Summer and Feastival. Lucky for us we got a chance to chat with the directors who coordinate these festivals and learn the history of how this young group formed and the result of their individually creative minds. 

What is Vacation Club, and who is the team comprised of?

Vacation Club is a core group of four founders with a dream to create special festival experiences with unique offerings. Some of our festival brands have fifth partners as well which are integral parts of bringing the festival to life with their special touches and connections. That said, the events could not happen without the dedication and professionalism of our full-time staff, as well as our event staff and suppliers, that make each event seamless.

Did you have experience prior to organizing events & have you worked on others?

Some of the partners had prior experience in organizing events and had worked on others, and some were relatively new to it. But each partner brought some kind of expertise on board and a network that helped to take it off the ground.

What inspired you to host these parties? 

The inspiration actually developed completely naturally. Each partner had their network and group of friends, and each of us genuinely enjoyed bringing people together. We started as house parties under the sun, around a pool and just for a good time. Soon, they grew and grew and we developed into the boutique festivals we are today.

What do you look for in the locations you choose for each festival brand?

We Love Summer has to always have a water element - a beautiful pool or a lake to swim in - beautiful green grass, a high end feel, etc.


Kinky Summer NYE is similar to We Love Summer, with the addition that it needs to be large enough to accommodate our bigger crowds on New Year's Eve.


Feastival is all about inner city, indoor, cosy but with that urban street vibe. Feastival is about the gourmet street food feel, designers and forward thinkers.


Future Frequency is more industrial and raw. Our latest venue is within a private jet hangar located right next to Cape Town International Airport. You see planes taking off right next to the dancefloor.


We select the artists based on the music trends that South Africa is currently loving. Each festival has its music feel. We Love Summer is house and disco, Future Frequency is techno, Kinky Summer NYE is a bit of both, and Feastival is live bands and groovy Dj's. Each season music develops, and we do our best to always provide the best. 

What's the best part about organizing events like this?

As cheesy as it sounds, we do it for the attendees. And each of us gets a real joy from seeing people happy or overhearing a conversation about someone enjoying it, or seeing a crowd jump. That's what we care about.



What vibe do you want to create for the people who attend?

Have as good a time as you possibly can. We want to make sure that no matter who comes, there will be something for everyone. We want you to leave feeling like you got more than you expected. And we want you to feel safe, looked after and knowing we did our best to think of every detail.

What future do you see for the festivals?

We want to keep challenging ourselves to step up and to grow. And we don't see ourselves stopping any time soon. Our drive comes from an urge to create, and to do our part to brighten people's lives. With a purpose like that, you better keep growin'!

See you at the next jol! 


xx Nat