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Cape Town Joburg

Sneaker LAB

So, we live in our motto, clean sheets and dirty adventures… but there is nothing soothing about putting your feet in muddy/dirty sneakers…

Sneaker LAB


Here you have it - your very own sneaker laundry service in our Once in Joburg hotel. We also offer free leather wipes and sneaker wipes in every room, for every single guest. After a big night out getting down on the dancefloor, or a hike, we'll help clean you up. 

Established in 2012, Sneaker LAB was born from an infectious passion for sneakers and the minimalist street culture. The brand started with an idea to create an environmentally friendly biotech driven premium shoe care brand. 

For the last five years, they have scientifically been the kings of sneaker care. Their products are made of environmentally friendly biotechnology, are water-based, readily biodegradable and the packaging can even be recycled. Talk about clean green…

Not only do they keep our sneakers sexy, but they also give back. Sneaker LAB collaborated with “The Gold Youth Development Agency” – A community based, non-profit that works towards education, health and youth leadership development. They contribute a portion of every unit sold in the support of the initiative’s vision to uplift African Youth.

A little contribution goes a long way, but so does the scientific and eco-friendly product.

They have harnessed that nature uses to biodegrade organic waste, targeted the good bacteria for their product and as a result, your shoes will stay cleaner for longer due to the activity of the probiotics in the product, and now on your shoes.

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With all the crazy adventures we have to offer, you will be so glad that we introduced you to them.

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