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Where to get inked: CT

There is nothing more amazing than being able to turn your stories, memories and messages into works of art. Here are some pretty cool places, in my opinion, to check out if you are planning to get inked in the city. We don’t know exactly where you are going. But we want to let you know you are not alone.

Where to get inked: CT


Firstly, I must say I am a tad of a tattoo hoarder and art enthusiast. I was walking down the beautiful streets of Cape Town and saw a shop called Metal Machine. The inside of the shop is marvellous and a “black and grey” artists dream! It is the oldest tattoo studio in Cape Town and they also have a piercing store. They have racked up quite a number of awards, including a first-place award in the “black and grey large images” category (I would vote for them too!) at the African Ink Fest International Tattoo Convention. Rumour says Metal Machines has gained one of the top tattoo shops status in the Western Cape over the decades. I will have to go through the tattoo journey and confirm this rumour for myself ;)

Another shop I’ve come across is Wildfire. Since they opened their doors in 1994, Wildfire has remained one of the top and most spoken about tattoo studios in the city. With over two decades of experience, it goes without saying that they know exactly what they are doing. In the last few years, they opened a second shop at Canal Walk, but their Long Street shop remains the ultimate icon. Many of the city’s brightest tattoo artists have begun their career with an apprenticeship at Wildfire and it’s clear to see why. You will find a wide variety of styles from a large number of artists available, from small-scale work to large. I got one of my tattoos done here! They honestly made the experience so memorable with their outgoing yet professional attitude; good advice and bubbly small talk while you get inked.

I haven’t been to this next one but from their social presence, it is clear that Sins of Style offer richly finished tattoos worth dreaming about.  The artists are Tyler B. Murphy(he’s also the owner), Lee Herbert, Rico Swanepoel ( Candice’s brother?!), Philip Botha and Irish James. Each of them brings something unique and stylish to the team. Tyler favours large-scale Asian traditional design and Lee is known for his exceptional monochromatic realism. I’ve literally pulled this off the Internet but if I had known this shop was so close I would have gone to Lee! The ‘Sins’ in Sins of Style was inspired by Rum DMC when he said, “Not bad meaning bad, but bad meaning good.” Get it? The last shop I walked into the other day because the outside was aesthetically appealing to me, Cape Electric Tattoo Parlour. Its located in the heart of Cape Town at the foot of Table Mountain. When I walked in I was greeted by three fun and easy going artists and, after looking through their portfolios, insanely professional inking skills. They all specialize in a wide variety of skypes so whatever you're looking for they can help, but, by appointment only.


Let me know if you get inked at one of these places! I am planning mine soon J

I hope you get some stellar ink to match your stellar stories. If you do I would love to see! Send me a mail; I might even feature you in a blog ;)


Cheers guys,