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Cape Town Joburg

Where to get inked: Joburg

There is nothing more amazing than being able to turn your stories, memories and messages into works of art for your body. Here are some pretty cool places to check out if you are planning to get inked in the city.

Where to get inked: Joburg


So, I’ve been looking at studios to get my next tattoo and these are my top choices if you’re in Joburg. Place number one: The Black Lodge. This is a place that welcomes both tattoo lovers and newbies to feel right at home. The studio itself is pretty rad too. The black walls give an additional grungy atmosphere but the vibe is still outgoing and energetic. That is the description of my style to the T!  The studio focuses on the importance of originality and aims to move away from common designs. I, myself, have worked in tattoo shops before and this is one of the hardest mentalities to stay focused on. Props to these artists being able to keep the works of art unique and meaningful. That’s what it’s all about, right?

Another shop I was looking in to is Evil Ink. From the information I’ve gathered, for anything and everything ink related, from big or small, hyper-realism and grey-scale photorealism to traditional tattoo art, here you will find some of the most extensive portfolios and out of this world art. The owner, Roger Harris, and tattoo artist has been making tattoos come to life for oversize years and guarantees only the best of the best. I have seen what he is capable of and he has definitely delivered his promise. I checked the Google reviews ;)

If I haven’t sold you yet, my friend Sam recommended this shop to me as I am going to do to you. Fallen Heroes, it’s a studio known for specializing in custom work and has numerous talented artists who, between them, are able to bring to life any concept in a range of styles. They currently have 8 artists and a combination of formal art training, a variety of specializing styles and the courage and passion to push that tattoo industry to the next level. Sam got her piece done here and says “you’re in good hands and they will bring your work to life.”

I hope you get some stellar ink to match your stellar stories. I would love to see the piece you get if you do!! Send me a mail; I might even feature you in a blog ;)


Cheers guys,

Nat // if you want to send me mail –