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Why do you need travel insurance?

Here are our five reasons to get travel insurance, because you don't want “No Ragrets” tattooed across you.

Why do you need travel insurance?


Travel Insurance

It’s all fun and games to grab a passport and run, seek adventure and take the world by storm, but we can’t all be as spontaneous as Bear Grylls. We all need to make sure that the emergency helicopter will find us.

Here are our five reasons to get travel insurance, because you know; “No Ragrets”

1) Medical coverage

Unless you are Rambo, this is perhaps the most important reason to purchase travel insurance. If you fall ill or have an accident whilst you are abroad your medical fees can cost you more than the trip itself. If you get travel insurance prior to your departure but you have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances, the costs incurred to change or cancel may also be reimbursed. 

2) Trip cancellation and curtailment cover

Imagine getting on your flight to Hong Kong, only to find out your Granny is seriously ill or she passed away…paying for an early return flight won’t be a cheap option. Luckily most travel insurers offer the ability for you to return home in this situation.

3) Travel insurance to cover for your possessions

Loss, theft or damage of personal possessions … Do we really need to elaborate on this headache? At least if you have travel insurance, you could at least recoup the value of these items. A couple claimed to have lost their camera in the ocean when they tried to recreate the "I'm flying!" scene from titanic, thank goodness for that travel insurance, hey?

4) Cover for your baggage 

Another lovely headache.. arriving and finding out your baggage has been delayed, or even worse, lost. At least with travel insurance, you can go on a bit of a shopping trip and you don’t need to worry about walking around with palm leaves around your waist.

5) Relax

Why would you not want the reassurance that everything will be ok? Go on your trip with peace of mind and have a great time. Make memories, take pictures, tell stories and make friends. Don’t worry your little head about the negative statistics.