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Graffiti tour Braamfontein

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Graffiti tour Braamfontein



Braamfontein has a rich history of social struggles before and during the apartheid era, but none of these problems stopped the district from being free from social injustice.

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What to expect?

Bongani shares with us his passion for the city and the impact of street art. 

Tell us about where it all started for you & how your love for street art developed?

This tour was created from my love for art and culture. When I was young I would observe my uncle draw with coal and was fascinated with this form of expression. This inspired me to start drawing and perfecting my talent while also trying different methods, such as drawing with both hands. My passion for art grew when I was exposed to one of the first South African compiled history book. This book gave the insight to cave paintings and that gave me a backbone in understanding my talent and not feeling weird about it. Throughout my young childhood my cousins and I started exploring graffiti fonts and the more I researched the more I fell in love with the movement that is graffiti thus reaching where we are today. 

Can you remember the first time you tagged a wall, describe this moment for us?

Tagged is a word used for paint. I used to tag everywhere; my bedroom, the walls of my school and desks. Tagging is very addictive because there is no limit to what you can create! 

Could you please describe what you do for us in one or two sentences?

I specialize in graffiti tours, both as a guide and tour operator. I am an all-round artist.

Tell us about your favourite piece in Joburg & why.

My favourite piece so far is the elephant piece done by Falko in Newtown. It provides so much life to street art, and the meaning behind the piece is just protesting on a very deep level. I feel it reminds a lot of Joburg-ers about our nature- especially for people who spend so much time consumed by the city, they really don’t have time for animals any more, and I feel that piece is a good reminder.


Tour duration: 2 hours Minimum age: 7 yrs old Maximum and minimum number of guests: 1 to 60 people Days of tour: Upon enquiry Physical: Low impact walking Excludes: transportation (Starting point is Once in Joburg)

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"Excellent location. 10 minutes walk from park station. Very friendly helpful staff who accompany me everywhere for my safety. Nice and clean room with toilet in dormitory. Joined an enjoyable free walking tour recommended by staff."

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