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Cape Town Joburg

Joburg art markets

R 350.00

Joburg art markets



This art market experience takes you to Markers Valley. This place is inspirational offering an inclusive business model used to uplift this area. The Valley is made up of a variety of African makers and artists. Our aim is to shine light on not only the artists but showcase the range of different businesses that the valley contains and the rich history associated with it.


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What is Makers Valley?

Makers Valley is a neighbourhood to the east of Johannesburg’s CBD. It stretches from New Doornfontein to Bezuidenhout Valley, and includes Bertrams, Judith’s Paarl, Troyeville and Lorentzville.

The people who live and work in Makers Valley are diverse in many ways including socio-economic status, ethnicity, and religion. Most residents are economically challenged, and many without employment. However visible urban decay and associated social ills are counterpoised by pockets of vibrant business development, in both the formal and informal sectors. Lack of access to employment is most prevalent among the youth, hence the vision to support the rising tide of entrepreneurism in the Valley.

The name ‘Makers Valley’ refers to the growing presence and activities of many forms of creative entrepreneurism in the area. Artists, cultural practitioners, artisans, urban gardeners, carpenters, shoemakers, metal and woodworkers, clothing designers and others, live and work in the Valley. The concept and practice of ‘Changemaking’ is key to many of the activities within the Valley. Building on the Changemaking concept originally coined by Ashoka, activities are inspired by the conviction that progressive entrepreneurs and organisations mobilising locally can help to propel systemic change. The vision is that the entrepreneurial activities of the growing numbers of ‘Makers’ in the Valley produce livelihood opportunities, thus generating a localised form of sustainable Wellbeing Economy.

An expansive urban farm lines it's pathways. The pathways are filled with pop-up like stalls that offer everything from jewellery design and furniture making to fashion. craft beer and baking. You can also look forward to a farmer’s market filled with organic produce from Victoria Yards' lush gardens.


Day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday (Monday to Friday private bookings available)

Time: 11 am to 2 pm 

Price: R350 per person 

Minimum booking: 2 person 

Requirement: Comfortable walking Shoes. 

Restriction : N/A 

Includes: Coffee, water and lunch

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Great experience The best tour guide. Amazing group of people i enjoyed this experience with. Food was delish. Laughter was in abundance.
A fabulous day indeed. Would recommend it to anyone.

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