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Cape Town Joburg

Strictly Wine

R 975.00

Strictly Wine



You can't say you've visited Cape Town unless you've indulged in the wine scene. There are over 800 wineries known for different grape varieties, historical backgrounds, and cultural influences.

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What to Expect

  • Pick up in Cape Town city bowl by a wine lord between 8:00 – 9:00 am.

  • Visit 5 different wine estates: some of the estates are only visited by locals while others are world famous

  • Taste a mix of sparkling wine (subject to availability), red wine, white wine, ports and more

  • Vineyard walking tour: guiding you through the process from grape to glass with a history lesson about wine dating back to 8000BC

  • Be guided through the steps of tasting wine and pairing food with wine in a chilled out atmosphere

  • Comprehensive cellar tour at a world-class estate

  • Meander through the world famous wine town, Stellenbosch

  • Local cheeses and wine pairing

  • Locally cured meat and wine pairing

  • Chocolate and wine pairing

  • A hearty lunch served in the middle of the wine lands

  • Meet locals and sometimes the winemakers themselves!


It's 5 O'Clock somewhere in the world. Be ready for an early 8am start - breakfast wine anyone?

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