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Cape Town Joburg

This is Hillbrow

R 350.00

This is Hillbrow



Immerse yourself in one of Joburg's most misunderstood neighbourhoods. Enter this unchartered territory with locals that explain it's notorious history.

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What's included?

  • 3-hour walking tour

  • One meal and drink (shisa inyama -"burning" meat- and Black Label -local beer-)

  • Ponte City, Hillbrow

  • Historical tour of Johannesburg: social-economic impact of Apartheid and journey to 'free' country



Important notes:

  • Come with an open mind
  • There is secure parking available at Ponte City (our starting point)
  • Unfortunately there is no cash accepted on our premises
  • It’s an easy walk, but come in comfortable shoes
  • Bring some extra cash with you so you can buy stuff from the markets and support our local businesses.
  • We encourage you to live in the moment, but if you want to bring camera’s you’re welcome however no professional photography and remember to always ask people if they’re happy for you take their photo before snapping away. Leave prejudices at home.

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'Jozi Life - what a great opportunity to explore the well-known Ponte Tower and Hillbrow. Getting rid of all prejudices, which are also based on stories told and news read, in overseas newspapers. It is all about perception, and Nickolaus gave us an idea about Hillbrow and Ponte, the history and our picture and opinion has changed completely. He is passionate about his "hood", knows every street and corner, and chats to his "neighbours" when walking through Berea and Hillbrow.
Highly recommended to everyone, who is interested in Johannesburg, the vibrant areas & for those, who want to see the change!' - Tripadvisor: miracolimuc

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